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WELCOME TO SPEEDLIMITS.IE. Here you will find all the current Special Speed Limit Bye-laws that are in effect in Ireland across the 31 Local Authorities in addition to any current proposals that Local Authorities may have (see here). 

Since March 2015, Local Authorities are required to set their Special Speed Limit Bye-laws in accordance with The Guidelines for Setting and Managing Speed Limits in Ireland. You can download a copy of these Guidelines here.


Upon publication of these Guidelines, Local Authorities were required, by Circular letter RSD 01 of 2015, to update their Special Speed Limit Bye-laws within 2 years and then at every 5 years after that. This does not, however, prevent Local Authorities from amending their Special Speed Limit Bye-laws at any time as required.

The Speed Limits Appeals Procedure was introduced on December 2nd 2021. This is a procedure whereby any interested party may appeal an existing speed limit to the relevant Local Authority. The Local Authority must then review whether the speed limit under appeal (the Special Speed Limit) has been set in accordance with the Guidelines for Setting and Managing Speed Limits in Ireland (The Guidelines). Should the appellant disagree with the decision of the Local Authority Appeals Panel, they may escalate the appeal to a National Panel for their decision. There is a fee of €125 for this Escalation, however, it is fully refundable should the appeal (after Escalation) be successful. Full details of the process are available here.


Note, this process is not a mechanism for appealing penalties issued for speeding offences. 

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