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the Slow Zone sign

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The Slow Zone Sign (F 403) is a sign to be used in housing estates where a 30 km/h speed limit is being applied and a slow zone is being created.

It was introduced to supplement a 30 km/h speed limit and should be used in housing estate areas where there is a high level of vulnerable road users and their needs are deemed to take precedence over those of motorists. Slow Zones should be developed to reduce the speed limit to 30 km/h and to change driver behaviour. The ultimate goal of a ‘Slow Zone’ is to lower the incidence and severity of crashes and to enhance quality of life.

This sign should be used at entry points to self-contained (cul-de-sac) housing estates where a 30 km/h speed limit is being implemented and a ‘Slow Zone’ is being created.

Slow Zones: About
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